It’s all connected to the heart

I have an arrhythmia. It is relatively harmless, in that when it comes, I know why, and it isn’t going to cause a stroke or a heart attack. But, it is going to exhaust the hell out of me and give me migraines for days, as well as making sleeping difficult, which adds to the length of its stay.

Excuses are not acceptable currency

The one thing in this world that I will never accept are excuses. I don’t accept them from others and I don’t accept them from myself. I find excuses disrespectful, disingenuous, and a fake apology. Excuses provide nothing of substance and allow the person to shirk their personal accountability.

Tenuous powers

Democracy is a fragile thing. This was learned yesterday on a variety of fronts for me. Democracy is a great freedom to have, but it can’t go without strong checks and balances. If we don’t show intolerance for the intolerant, we lose our freedom of democracy.

I am human but I am still in control

TW: this post is going to have swear words. I know there are plenty of great words that could be used, but there’s nothing quite like a visceral “fuck” to really ground one’s self. So yes, I swear, and yes, this post will have them, as it is a rant. I apologize in advance for any offense this may cause.

Working with shadows

There are a few things about those who follow pagan/witchcraft beliefs that I find confusing, or I don’t understand how they came to be correlated with the practice. I think the oddest one is “shadow work”.