Here lies The Goddess

The Goddess is a simple woman with complex means. A believer in positivity, creative manifestation and makingnlife what she want it to be, even if the process of doing that is a pisser.

In her human form, she’s working to become one of those wild womyn who lives on the outskirts of decent society that everyone fears but goes to in secrecy for hope and recovery. She supports the collapse of the entire structure her country has built itself on, hoping it will rebuild as a humanist nation, putting people first over made up idealizations such as wealth, prosperity, power, and privilege. She is waiting for humaity to quit being such huge shits to each other and realize the connectons we make with each other has more value than all economies combined.

The Goddess requires no offerings other than kindness, mindfulness and respect for all. If you can’t leave those tributes, then you can respectfully fuck off.