Generational Disappointment

On my pathway to and from work, I drive past an old brick home. It has been empty for as long as I have lived in the area, which, while not that long, has been almost 10 years. A few years back, the home had been cleared out of all items and the windows removed. It looked like some long needed renovations were going to start taking place.

Hmmm… Think I just heard a solution to my manifestation problem. Just do it expecting a change in myself towards happiness over trying to change reality. You become the magic!

Some of the mini bok choy started to bolt from the heat last week, so today, I have my first harvest!!! I’ll be having a stir fry this weekend!!!

Manifesting Thoughts

Do you think manifesting is something everyone can do?

Do you think some people just have the natural skill to manifest things?

To Better Friends

Have you ever just written someone off? Like, a longtime friend that you’ve talked to for a long time, and then you wake up and realize, “Wow…The only person we talk about is you. Your situations, your events, your sexual whatevers, your philosophy, etc. 95% of the conversations we have are about you and I’m kind of tired of hearing about you.”?

The Importance of Integrity

The problem when you discover someone lacks, or something has been cobbled together with no integrity is that you never get the ability to fully trust again.

Speak Your Truth with Love

A person who I follow on social media made a post about her 80 yr old friend who had found her “One True Love”, however, he had a girlfriend and was into polyamory. She proceeded to speak extremely poorly of the guy, inferring the reason for his crappy behavior was due to him claiming he was polyamorous.

Family Matters

My niece and her husband came up to visit me for the weekend. It was a wonderful time. I was there when my niece was born, and I have tried to be there for her through everything that life brought to both of us. We both have had to deal with the extreme mental dysfunction of our families, so we have a lot that we can relate to each other.


I remember when I was little, my mom would take me and my sister to the local grocery store. This was back before the huge strip malls and corporations had built their headquarters just down the road, and there were strawberry fields and orange orchards as far as the eye could see.