Missing Week

So I took a bit of a break last week. I do want to make this a daily thing, but a lot of what I was posting seemed just negative after negative, and the week last week was not going to help with that. So a break was in order.

I hate being negative. Especially when, aside from finances, my life is doing all right. Aside from the costly maintenance I need to do to the machines in my basement, everything is really going well.

My garden is doing the best it has ever. Like, literally, everything could die today, and I’ll still feel like I succeeded. (That should give you some indication how my past gardens have gone since right now, everything has just barely started to get their main leaves. LOL)

Roger fell ill last week, which made me worry, but now he’s better, so that’s good.

I had an amazing weekend with my niece and her husband.

And even though there was a lot of frustration last week, they were all really first world frustrations that didn’t really deserve the amount of energy I had expended on them. Especially since none of the issues have been resolved. I’m now either not caring about them and/or leaving it all in the hands of the Universe.

That’s what I really try to do with things that are outside my control. I just take a deep breath, resign myself knowing I did everything I could, and let the Universe continue the work with the faith that the Universe will make things right.

I used to worry and fret over things, and at times, I still do. Money issues tend to be my biggest trigger now, thankfully. Not that I can control that more than I already am, but it is a fear. So, being free from most things that would have caused me anxiety, I’ll go ahead and stick with the money one. At least that will motivate me to do the things I have been putting off.

Honestly, I need to start working on things other than crochet. I have so many craft projects that I want to do, and now is a great time to do them as I’m in between projects. I keep making plans, but I haven’t carried them out.

I also have podcast outlines to write and accompanying material for some of them. I don’t know why I’m not motivated to do this. I have three ideas and a couple of others, but I just can’t get inspired to do them. Maybe if I just commit here, I’ll get them started/done. Or not…

This week may be a short week for posts, too. I haven’t been in a huge introspective frame of mind that I usually have when I have posts to write. The other issue is that I have these ideas, but when I get to work, they all just go into hiding. So that’s why there is a lack of content. I’m sure I’ll start living in my head again soon. Until then, it might just be short posts like this one. I don’t want to set up any expectations.

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