Life is often filled with little signs that try to promt you into action. If you don’t respond to them, they tend to disappear or become a part of the landscape. Then a bigger sign will come by, and another, then a larger one, then maybe a neon one, till eventually, you hit the “DEAD END” sign and all options feel off the table. You’re left scrambling around trying to find anything that looks like a path.

Part of this is because we believe the signs to be vague, confusing, not really a sign or not one that we can apply without a lot of hardship and struggle. We’re super good at convincing ourselves that these signs can be ignored. We’re slow starters, trying to continue the same old same old in hopes that if we just stay tried and true, it will will work out.

It won’t. We know deep inside it won’t, but we persist anyways. Maybe because we’re stubborn, or unwilling, or just really hate change so much, we’ll stick through the absolute worst. Whatever it is, we have rationalized out that moving forward on the path we are on is the best decision.

I found a quote a few years back that pisses me off everytime I see it, because it’s true and it forces me to acknowledge that it is true:

It makes me mad because I’m willing to let my life just kind of fall into whatever existence it is in and not do much to improve it. Call it lazy, comfortable, whatever, it’s what I tend to do.

This last week has been one of those weeks where the signs just kept coming and they didn’t stop till it had escalated out of control. But it worked. I’ve started apply for jobs, I’m going to work towards some ideas that I have just been fiddling around with, and I’m going to get myself somewhere more secure and stable.

Signs are our friends, even though they are often disruptive, upseting and rage inducing. But we always need to remember, they are there for a reason, and it would serve us best to see them and respond.

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