Update: Weeks of weeks

So the replenishment manager also tested positive for covid. The store remains open because they want to get all the weekend sales and receive the truck of new items on Monday. I am disgusted and furious.

The other manager spent most of their time complaining that they had to work on their weekend days off. Meanwhile, their coworker has covid, could get really sick, die, or become disabled, but yeah…obviously the thing we should be most concerned about is the fact they had to work a weekend they were scheduled off. Let me just squeeze some tears out. Especially since I’ve worked over 12 hours I wasn’t originally scheduled and haven’t said a single word about it.

Let me say for the record, if you aren’t vaccinated and walking into retail stores without a mask, thinking they have your safety in mind, I can guarantee they have already figured out how legally obligated they are if you catch covid while in their store and have determined taking your money outweighs court costs. Also known as: They aren’t concerned, at all, about public safety and won’t do much of anything to secure it if they know they can.

Wear your masks!

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