Weeks of weeks

The last two weeks have been a bit trying and tiring. I’m hoping this next month is better.

I’m behind on planting my sprouts. I’m rather glad because this last week was there last frost. So had I planted them, I would have had to hurriedly cover them. I hope to do plant them on Monday.

My daughter found a landscaper just starting out on their own to excavate the yard. I failed my goal at getting the spaces cleared, but learned that I wouldn’t have been able to anyways, having to get the evasive vines and brambles at the roots. We have a huge burn pile now, my daughter is excited to lay grass, and I have a year to plan the plants in the retaining wall area. First is mulch though, so I’ll have to set that up.

I’ve been doing some creating here and there. I made a tie dye shirt to replace my nightshirt and am rather pleased with the results. I also started a piranha plant from Mario Bros. that I need to finish.

At work this week, our replenishment manager’s wife was tested positive for covid. This is troubling on several levels, one that the company is not allowing management to tell the staff about this until all tests of management, if they choose to have one, come back in. I am scheduled to have my final jab on Monday. I’m hoping this doesn’t affect that. Meanwhile, aside that every person who has come into the store over the last week could have been exposed, the full time CEM is complaining because she won’t get her scheduled weekend off. Some people seriously don’t have their priorities straight. Many of our staff have second jobs, school, etc. that they potentially expose others to the possibility of covid. Meanwhile, the company refuses to even consider closing the store for half a day for surface cleaning because sales are more important than making sure they aren’t contributing to the spread of a deadly disease.

Capitalism will be the death of us in America.

In the meantime, I was contacted by my temp agency regarding a job that would be perfect for me in every aspect. Then pressured into agreeing to interview with two others that honestly were crap jobs that I would end up hating. I canceled one interview simply because I have zero desire to be what basically amounts to a receptionist, and the second, not only was I given wrong information on what the position was, I was also misinformed that it was almost 2 hours one way to get to and required me to be in theboffice 5 days a week. The agnet talked to me the next day and proceeded to chasize me for not getting moved to the next steps due to her misinformation, and she kept talking over me to prevent me from expressing my side of what happened. That left me in a very grumpy mood for work, which I had to go in 4 hours early due to the covid situation. I ended up writing an email telling her that I was left feeling dissatisfied and frustrated at the one sided conversation and proceeded to give my side of what happened. Then advised her of what I’m looking for that would fit me better, and that she should look closer at companies in my area as there are tons of business and corporations who are hiring skilled talent through word of mouth because there is no agency representation here. 2 girls at my work have gotten full time jobs locally that pay well due to word of mouth, so I know it’s happening.

I don’t expect the agent to contact me again.

I am hoping that from here forward, things take a better turn. I am making plans for certain things. I just need to get the motivation to do them.

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