I’m Back

It’s been a while and a year or so. Things have changed even as they sort of stayed the same. It is the start of a new spring, and to be honest, it feels like the start of a lot of new.

The last year was a huge struggle, physically, emotionally and financially.  It still is all those things, but I’ve made a little progress. When the fees came due for this space, I realized that I had sorely neglected this little place of mine and now, I feel a need for it again. So here I am, writing to work myself out and figure things out.

So…since we last met the following happened:

  • I kicked my butt in gear and started doing serious garden work in my yard and on my deck.
  • I kicked two “friends” to the curb that were seriously not good for my mental health.
  • Had a serious nerve attack on my right side that was excruciatingly painful that ended up leaving my index finger potentailly numb for the rest of my life.
  • Got a new job.
  • Let go of my business website when a year and $450 later I had no sales, at all.
  • Dwindled down my entire life’s saving to only a few thousand.
  • Managed to get a well stocked pantry that should keep me and my cat alive for at least 3 months.
  • Started taking B12 which has literally made such a huge difference in my total life view, thank god!
  • Made really strong steps towards improving my home.

I have set a goal that in 5 years (4 now) this house will have all new working parts and the exterior revamped and improved. I started it off withh a new HVAC system that has made such a *huge* difference to my livelihood. I didn’t freeze this winter and while still expensive, was still far cheaper electric wise than other winters. This week a new heat pump water heater is getting installed. Next on the to do list is a new electric box, a whole home filtration system, and new appliances.  Then it will be onto a new deck and a new roof. By then, the yard should also be in a far better place with beautiful plants and a lovely walkways. The goal is to make it a place I don’t want to sell, but can if I choose to. It’s ambitious, but I am determined.

I have been impatient this year with gardening and started a lot of plants indoors already. My tomatoes are happily growing, I have lavendar sprouting, nasturtiums by the bundles, as well as celery, celery root, leeks, sweet peas and snail vines. I also have an accasia tree that is looking hearty and strong. I’m looking forward to what this year will bring, seeing what wil thrive and grow and what I can improve on. I had such a bountiful pea harvest last year, I have gotten dedicated planters for them and other climbers this year. Raccoons really did a lot of damage last year to sprouting plants that I am looking at raised garden beds on my deck to deter them from doing it again this year. I also have my handy epsom salt prepared as well. My hopes are to have a harvest worth having as opposed to a just barely harvest like usual.

Since I closed up my shop, I’m still making things with the intention of opening it back up when times get better. In the meantime, I’m using up my yarn stash in crochet works and will be creating things as I go this year. My intentions are to create something new every week. I have a ton of projects I want to work on, so I’m hoping by giving myself space and time, I will freely create and enjoy the process as opposed to create with the purpose of selling. I will quickly run out of space in my home, which was the true reason I was selling things to begin with. I love to create, but not keep and I know so few people to just give things to. So my hope is to create some stock.

I am also learning how to create a podcast. I have a few topics I would like to explore. I had hoped my cousin and a friend would be able to do one with me, but they have been having lives, as have I, so I will go it on my own for starts and see how I do. I’m excited and intimidated by this project but I’m stil going to try.

So there is my last year and oncoming future in a wrap up. I plan to be here far more often as I made myself a few promises this last year:

  • Just do the things, regardless if they aren’t perfect. They won’t be, and that’s okay
  • Don’t decline help of any kind, however it occurs.
  • Do what makes you happy, not what you think you need to do.

I’m looking forward to this year and hope it is all up from here!

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