A matter of concern

I read a post in one of my pagan groups this morning that made me worried for the poster on several levels. I find quite a few posts in pagan groups give me this same concern.

The poster claimed that her boyfriend told her he had “bound her power” because she was “getting too strong” and was “protecting her from the devil”.

The distressing part wasn’t that the poster was worried about her boyfriend’s (or their own, for that matter) sanity, but that he had crossed a major boundary.

There was so much to unpack in this post, as there has been on any post where people aren’t just discussing power and magic, but their absolute belief that they not just have these things, but that they are somehow so powerful as to have people fear for them. I mean, color me impressed by their firm foundation in themselves because that’s super rare! I wish they could teach me how to have that kind of confidence. I can only imagine the amount of success they have when they truly focus their intentions! Then there were the commentors all pretty much supporting the boundaries and not the whole, “hey…maybe you should get some help for some of the bigger issues displayed here.”

I am a realist by nature. I perceive all things based on what is known, what is proven and what potentials things have. It makes it kinda hard for the woo things to work, but, I practice in a way that works for me. I suspect, or hope, that most people do the same. Pagan groups make me fairly aware that I might just be the odd man out in this. Maybe that is part of my “problem”, that I don’t believe as fully as others, but, I find I just can’t let go as fully as this poster. To me, it just seems to be damaging to my mental health and honestly, I’ve fought pretty hard for it to be where it is currently at.

If any friend of mine told me the information the poster above had, I would have asked some pretty strong questions about how powerful do they believe they are, why they believe this, and are they seeing devils, demons and such. I’d ask the same questions about their boyfriend too. I’d also suggest seeking a therapist to make sure everything tracks. Best to start with removing things it may or may not be so the focus on what it is can be stronger and more effective.

I try not to be judgemental of others. We are free to believe what we want. But these beliefs in magic, demons and such cause me some concern. It just seems like they afte coming from a place that needs stronger help and not enabling in a group.

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