The universe and coincidence

Recently, I feel that the Universe has been screaming at me, practically handing me what I need. I think I’m finally listening.

  • The increase in traffic to my tarot page on FB
  • This job I’m working, reminding me that I don’t like working under others
  • The dream I had the other night
  • Suddenly having space to do the things I need to do
  • A small unexpected amount of funds coming in

It’s a lot of things all accumulating into answers.

I’ve put a few requests out to the Universe a bit recently. I didn’t expect an answer, to be honest. The Universe is often pretty quiet. It certainly has never been this loud or fast acting. They say that once you start to accept the answers, things all start coming together. I’ve never seen it happen before, or if I have, I didn’t make the connections.

I’m going slowly right now, but I’m not making excuses or dissuading myself from taking the forward steps. I wrote up a schedule to follow whenever this eternal job assignment is over, but also starting next week, I can do some of the tasks.

I got the decor for video this week. I have never been comfortable with video, but I will say that this assignment has helped me get over my uneasiness about it. I see myself looking horrible on the computer at least twice a day. I looked up a makeup tutorial yesterday, and I’ll invest in some makeup in the next week or so to practice.

I’ve been tackling promotional tactics by promoting my erotica on Instagram and Twitter, learning about keywords and experimenting with SEO type work. I didn’t want to learn this. I wanted an assistant to help, but I can’t afford one and no one’s stepped up to offer, so experiment and see what works and what doesn’t is the process. Hopefully in a few months, I can hire someone to help.

I’ve spent the last year and a half writing out ideas and creating outlines. Now, it’s time to do the harder work and create the actual work.

I’m intimidated, overwhelmed and fearful. I don’t know how things will work out, but I’m also excited, motivated and eager to start the wheels fully moving. I’m visualizing it every day and every day, that visualization gets stronger and more real.

I’m accepting the answer. It’s time.

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