Singular day

Today is my only full day off this week from work. I’m not really upset about that as it helped make up for hours lost last week due to snow and ice.

Because I only had one day off, I didn’t make any serious plans. It’s still very cold out and didn’t get above freezing today, so I knew that I wasn’t going to go anywhere. I also knew the chances of working on a couple projects I have started wasn’t likely either. That’s okay. One, I’m a little stumped on and the other has to wait for something to dry. Intimidation usually wins out and today was no different on those projects, but I decided to face intimidation on a couple other things.

Project of Intimidation

I have slowly been gathering apothecary supplies to make spell jars and such for a new venture I would like to start. So I started getting jars to put the supplies in. That also means changing my altar to house these supplies. But that also means that I need to do something besides covering my altar in a gaudy gold satin. Lol

Today was the day to play with my Unicorn Spit stains and tear apart the altar to make the stand colourful, or at least different. I will probably get tired of it eventually and repaint it, but for now, I like it. It might be a bit too pastel for later, but the colors bring me happiness, so I’m good. And the herb jars fit perfectly! I have a few more to add, as well as fill, but so far, I feel much more complete with my “stash”!

Along with all the research I have been doing, I have needed to move my research into my BoS. I’ve never had a BoS before, so this is new. I never knew what to put in a BoS previously, so never had one. Now that I am working towards things witchy, I now know what should go into it.

I want to make sure I put in my rituals, recipes and altar set ups in my BoS, so I started with that. I decided to put some WD40 to my drawing skills and remove the rust to create a personal Wheel of the Year. It is simple, but it fits given that I’m starting out and all of this is really new for me.

Eventually, I will get my research in there and start writing my spell mixes to refer to. I am still gathering supplies, such as crystals and stones, wax, and such, but I’m super excited to work on this. It feels natural to me and I look forward to creating with intention for my Mystic Fox Trader side of things.

Lead image by Uusi

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