Why so serious?

A while back ago, there was some weird dust up in the online pagan and wiccan communities regarding people who were trying to “hex the fae and /or moon”. They were all upset that “baby witches” were making the gods and fae angry with their antics and the worst of things was going to happen. You know…given the year 2020 was, and they did this in July, who knows. I don’t guess anymore.

I rather took issue with the term “baby witch”, to be honest, because, when it comes to spiritual paths, it seems to me that we are all “babies” in whatever path we are following. There is always something new to learn, to discover, to create, to craft. The limits are literally what you put on them. I even offended a few “wise hags” who felt they were far beyond being a “baby” in their craft. Whatever. The fact they were offended that I questioned their distance on their path just kind of shows that maybe, I’m right. But again, whatever. You want to think of yourself as a wizened old crone, go for it. Do you, boo. I’m gonna be over here learning new things.

The other thing that gave me great pause were all the people who were taking all this silliness deathly serious. That, if the god/dess of the moon or the fae, if they existed, somehow gave some insignificant shit about what people do, let alone people they have determined are useless amateurs, but seem to believe they could create something so powerful as to upset an immortal being with unlimited power. And there were a *huge* number of them flitting in the groups, all horrified and worried about this thing.

The one thing that I have known for a long time, and was once more reminded while watching the scientology documentaries is that faith, religion and spirituality can be taken way too seriously and actually become harmful and dangerous to those who practice them, as well as those around them. So I often find myself worrying about the mental health of some people I’ve come across. They take things, themselves, the ideology, far more serious than it deserves, particularly considering that pretty much every practice today stems from some fad, culture fetish, or literal scam from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s. ( I don’t give a single shit if you are holding onto this idea that you can trace your pagan ancestry back to beyond the dawn of time. The practices of today were either created at the turn of the century, or during the neo-pagan movement in the 60’s. When you say otherwise, I simply won’t believe you. Numerous studies throughout the last century have proven there are no “old way traditions”. Those studies were performed by neo-pagans and top leaders of paganism and the occult who would do everything they could to find any inkling of “old ways”. Learn your history, not the one you want to believe is true.)

It’s okay to be serious in your personal connection with the world and the forces around you. It is okay to relate or worship any gods and goddess you please, or don’t please. It’s okay to fall into comfortable rituals and craftwork. It’s about you, after all, and finding your way through the world, which is big, complicated, and sometimes, beyond confusing. But when you say things like: “I just tell [insert deity of choice here] who did what and why I want them to feel their impact (ie: This person pissed me off, take care of them”). Do as you will”, I’m going to look at you like you are out of your skull. Because even if these deities were real, treating them like your lacky to do your shit detail is probably not how they want to be treated, or how they want to spend their eternity, and honestly, go do it yourself. It’ll get done a lot quicker that way. Or, better yet, just let it go and let karma sort it out in the impartial way it does.

Do your spirituality the way you want, but please remember, it’s for you, not for show.

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