Weekend Grab Bag

This weekend was such a mixed bag of experiences. Saturday was exceptionally cram packed and honestly, I took a full Sunday to recover and kind of wish I had given myself today to fully get back to myself.

My Saturday started at 5:30 am when my son asked me if I was awake and to let me know his girlfriend had gotten into an accident down the road from the house. He had gone and gotten her from the wreckage, but didn’t know what to do from there. Without seeing her physically, he explained that she seemed fine, no dilated pupils, no dizziness, nothing that suggested a concussion, but she had a good bump on her head. I immediately advised that she call the insurance company to notify them of the accident, then go to a clinic to be seen, just to make sure. On that I went to the car to see how bad it was.

It took one phone call to my son and two passes before I had finally found the wreck. If they hadn’t left the lights on, I would have never seen it, being so buried in the trees and brush. She had managed to peel the trunk off one of the trees, entangled a tail light in another tree and turned herself in the exact opposite direction she had been headed. Upon seeing the wreckage, I was overwhelmed with emotions; fear for her, the fear she must have felt, the thought of how bad that could have been, and just a ton of emotions that I started crying.

I gave myself about 5 minutes of tears to just let it go, then got back to business. There was no way I was going to be able to get to the actual car, so I taped a sign to the only branch hanging down that the driver was safe and the car would be towed. I started walking to the home owner, but realized, it was not even 6 am on a Saturday and they weren’t probably conscious like me, who wakes up at 4:30 every morning.

I went back home, helped out as much as I could, though there wasn’t much else I could do. Her parents were, of course, freaking out and concerned, even though she was safe and under supervision to make sure if something should happen, she’d be in good hands. They waited for the tow truck and by 10 am, the car was in my drive. I hate to admit it, but I avoided looking at it till much later in the day.

Then it was preparing for my daughter’s bonfire party. Since it was to rain Saturday night, she originally was going to have everyone camp in the yard in tents, but asked if they could all stay in the living room should it rain. That meant tidying up and making sure furniture could be moved to provide as much space as possible. It also gave me the chance to clean up my glass working table, which is a good thing because that means I can start making some stained glass pieces instead of just wishing I was doing that. (It’s on my to do list for this summer.) So that was a positive thing that happened. Clean spaces are good for my general headspace, and was something I had been meaning to take care of in the very near future. There is still work to do, but I now don’t have the whole thing to do.

I also promised my daughter that I would stay up to meet her boyfriend’s parents. We were going to meet at a garden show, but due to weather, it was canceled, so that didn’t happen. I knew it was important to her, so I agreed.

Unfortunately, they were an hour later than they had anticipated, then I spent another hour talking to them. They are lovely people and it was a real pleasure to meet them, so there wasn’t any regret on my end over it, other than the complete lack of sleep on what had started out as a stressful day. It ended very pleasantly, but was still quite the long day.

The following day was spent having people in and out of the house all morning till around noon. I didn’t mind so much, but it did somewhat disrupt my daily rituals. I survived, of course, but the day was a bit off. I ended up prepping and starting dinner early to cook all day in the crockpot and that was a good plan over all. I think if I had taken on any more, I might have not done as well as I did.

I spent time watching some junk tv (home shows, cooking shows and some paranormal shows), creating sigils for a project that’s been on my mind for the last half a year that I’ve been too intimidated to start, and just relaxing.

One of the fun things to have learned this weekend that was among the 20somethings, I am considered a “witchy woman” who has a home full of amazing vibes. That was a good feeling. It was completely unintentional, but yet, I guess I exude myself in my home. That’s a nice thing to know. It provides a positive and assertive reinforcement that I’m not a bad person and that I am someone who people want to know and feel good around. It was a nice thing to become aware of after such an emotional and busy weekend.

I’m looking forward to this coming weekend, and I hope that it will be a bit quieter and more restful, but I am still contemplating taking a day off from work.

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