My Man Roger

In a previous post, I announced a new man in my life, Roger. I had no idea how important that guy was going to be to me then, but now, I can’t imagine my life without him.

My old housemate told me about Roger when he was born in Sept. trying to entice me to claim a kitten from the litter he was born in. At the time, I had been spending a moment in my life animal free. One of my previous kitties had passed, my dog had passed, which had hit me a lot harder than I had expected, and the final cat got rehomed where he would get the attention he felt he needed. My daughter had also been a huge discouragement in getting a new pet. It was always a fight with her and at that point in my life, we weren’t getting along and it just wasn’t a fight I wanted to have. After at least 10 years of that merry go round, I didn’t want to ride it again.

So I constantly said no. He’d send me photos. No. He’d tell me how they were doing. No. He’d talk to me on the phone while hanging out with them. No. Just no. The kittens were cute, they were social, they were doing all the kitten things. Great. But no.

From Sept till May, at least twice a week, I heard about these kittens. There were two males and the rest were female. He knew I prefer male cats, so made an emphasis on them. It was almost like having them living with me.

Then, in May, he informed me the owner had tossed all the kittens outside, having had 7 indoors in a single bedroom.With a heavy sigh, I told him to bring me the two males. I couldn’t take them all, but I could at least take those two, having had two cats already.

Fortunately, he informed me the other male had gotten a home, so there was only one left. He brought that boy to me that weekend. And that was when my life changed.

Roger had the fortunate circumstance of coming to me while I was still mostly at home. I hadn’t gotten a job, outside of part time that took me out of the home, so he got all my attention. With both kids gone and on their own, it was just him and I. He stole my heart.

Roger has become a wonderful companion. He is loving, caring and actually does think about me in terms more than just the “Food Lady and Head Patter”. He comes to the door when he knows it’s time for me to come home, and gets anxious if I am late. He is the only pet I have allowed into my room at night, and he is always nearby when I’m awake.

As much as I portested giving him a home, he has made my home complete. I am grateful every day that he is here.

If you would like to see Roger on a regular basis, you can find him @the_dailyroger on Instagram!

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