More dreams of hidden spaces

As I said in a previous post, I often have dreams about “found spaces” in my house. Last night I had another such dream.

Unlike the previous dream, where the space was run down and dangerous, this time it was lavishly decorated and beautiful. There was no viable reason I would ever not enjoy these spaces.

It started with cats. My old housemate was living with me again and had gotten a fluffy grey kitten. As he was explaining to me the issues he was having with it, I discovered a broken bottle of tequila that he had put in a cabinet. I went to get some towels to clean it up when my daughter came up and said she wanted a cat too. Reluctantly, I agreed.

I went into my room to find something, and remembered there was a hallway that I never bother using or going where it leads, and only knew there were two bathrooms right next to the bedroom, his and hers as one was blue and one was pink, though they were very nicely decorated.

At the end of the hall, it opened up to a balcony type area that opened up to a spacious and lovely garden. The space was a huge area, though divided by stairs. It looked a bit like a very expensive hotel lobby. The walls were deep hard wood and antique golden curtains and upholstery. The left side looked like it had been set up for a small orchestra, including elaborate music stands. The right looked like a lounge area to socialize and relax. Across the way, there was another large area, but I was unable to see what it was established as.

I called my daughter over and suggested it as a space she could host a party she was planning in. She himmed and hawed about it, not certain it was what she wanted.

I woke up after this interaction.

I often wake up wondering what these dreams are trying to tell me. In this case, I think it is telling me that I have everything I need to establish what I want, I just need to utilize it. My mind has been on things that I want to accomplish once I’m done with this eternal assignment, and I think that was an answer to my focus; quit trying to recreate what has already been well designed and use what I have that I’ve been ignoring.

I tend to follow that dreams are garbage in/garbage out things, but since this theme is such a recurring thing, I tend to take more note of them. I wish these dreams would help me discern how to get the Universe to acknowledge my requests, but so far, I still need an assistant, someone who knows SEO and other tactics and can help me organize my time. I will assume that maybe the answer is “Look at who you already know”, as if I haven’t.

Maybe I need to put the call out again…

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