Communication conundrum

Why are people so bad at communicating? I ask this question at nearly every place I have worked.

I am on a 2 week data entry assignment. It’s completely remote, which means communication is even more integral and important, but it is the least utilized. While I understand those higher up may be in constant communication, if they aren’t responding to the people lower down actually doing the work, all that communication is wasted.

I asked a question regarding the work today of two people. One only answered when I circled back 3 hours later. The other read the request and never replied. Like…you are the team leader. Your response is really needed if you have been told you already asked the person directly supervising them. No answer is simply not acceptable.

I mean…I have pretty much sat all day going through the same lines of data to see if there have been *any* updates to find none. I am assuming they are keeping track of whose laptop is registering activity and which ones aren’t, as they don’t know me or how I work, and I’d not expect them to take me at face value. Yesterday I processed 80 transactions. Today, only 23. A lot of it has been a hurry up and wait situation. I’m not sure how much reflects on me and how much they are aware that their list is in chaos.

I wont be accepting a position if offered. The lack of communication drives me insane. I would not be able to continue working here and invest myself in a company whose higher ups can’t be bothered to answer requests to make sure the work is getting done. If you hire me just to not keep me informed, you have no interest in my success as your employee and I’m already on the path to failure. That’s a journey I have no desire to undertake.

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