Today is one of those pagan holidays I have never participated in, so I really had no idea how to celebrate it, other than acknowledging the turning of the year from the cold winter to the warm spring.

Of course, here, spring won’t be at temp till around mother’s day. By the time it is in full swing everywhere else, the last frost will have hit not too long before. For growing a veggie garden, it makes it a bit complicated, since the grow seasons are super short. About 3 weeks of spring and 3 weeks of fall. The rest is either summer or winter. Such is the wheel of nature here. Nature makes you flexible and adaptable.

So today, I spent some time thinking about new prospects, new directions, new paths and new ideas. To celebrate what has been and open acceptance to the new. Not sure I did it properly, but there it is.

My altar has a poppet of Brigid that I made of raffia. It isn’t oat reeds like it should be, but maybe next year. Since I believe that the gods and goddesses aren’t real, but inspirations for what we wish to achieve, Brigid, for me, symbolizes a new day, a birth of a new me, fresh and new, ready to learn, grow and become something I’ve not been yet.

Of course, there’s also the food! This celebration wasn’t quiet as elaborate as my New Year’s, but was still delicious! I made an orange, rosemary and lavender oat bannock. It was warm, sweet and savory all at once! Filling me, reminding me that life is full of what you make it to be full of. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to be full. It just has to be warm, filled with the sweet good highs, the learning lows, and all the points in between. I also made rosemary and lavender lemon curd tartlets! The lemon is bright and cheery, just like my future. Needless to say, food often makes me feel better! It is one of the best things about the pagan celebrations! In a few, I’ll enjoy a small glass of blueberry wine.

My year is uncertain, to be honest. Right now, I’m just trying to get to spring. Soon, I’ll be planting seeds and nurturing them until they can go into the warn ground and thrive. But right, now, much like back centuries ago, I’m waiting for the end of winter, anticipating warmer days, opportunities and brighter times.

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