Everyday stuff

I feel like I’ve been lecturing here a lot recently. I am not the kind of person to lecture in person, so it’s weird it feels like that here. I generally assume it is the way I write and move on.

So this post is a bit of rambling about me for a bit.

I went to the dr this week and she said my blood pressure meds are my problem and we need to tweak them, otherwise known as, adding more meds. I did ask if going to the ER was the best decision and she agreed it had been, considering the other symptoms. So, I don’t feel dumb having gone. For the most part, my blood pressure has been all over the place, but seems to be settling down, so we’ll see. I havent received notice of the new prescriptions, but have been going less gunho on the meds I have. I had been taking them 2-4 times a week, depending on my blood pressure and that was successful. I started taking them daily to see if maybe I should be doing more to take care of myself and I think that may have been a mistake. I should have stuck with the “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” method.

I talked to my boss this week about the other position. She said she was still 100% behind giving it to me but was waiting to hear back from the current closing manager. Hopefully, I’ll hear in the next week. It has, however, been my excuse for not doing what I should be doing in the way of finding a second job, so I need to hold myself accountable for not doing the work I have needed to. I plan to fix that today and apply to a couple places and see about gig work. The problem with not knowing is that it makes it harder to go into an interview and discuss available hours. I currently work mornings, but if I score the new position, it will be nights, and that makes it hard to find soemthing new if I don’t know. So the hope is to apply and have the interviews after things are finalized. Crossing fingers!

Today, I did my financial stability altar. Took some time to focus on money coming in, my bank account happy and content, and having it be stable and consistent. As with all things that use intention, I’ve followed it up with product selection to advertise this week, places to apply, applying, and creating a proposal for gig work. I believe in following up the intention with actual work. It’s the only way to get what you need.

I also started finally scheduling my planner. I don’t know why it took me so long to do that, but I have. Now when I come home from work, I have a thing to do besides sit and veg out like usual. Scheduling is also how I work to combat the seeping depression, so it is important there too. I am going to plan actual project work for the days off at this time, as well as yard work. I still have a lot of tha to do and it is essential it gets done before April when things start getting warmer.

I’m, for the first time ever, starting an honest book of shadows. It’s actually kind of daunting, but at the same time, necessary given some of my future project ideas. I am starting to create my own “recipes”, doing the research, etc. I’ve had all the material, but never the ambition, so I’m excited about that. It will include altar set ups, foods to eat for what, and anything else I feel needs to be in there. So that will be new and exciting to start.

There’s a lot to do and it feels like a lot of time to get it done, but I know better. At my age, time flies regardless of the fun.

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