I am human but I am still in control

TW: this post is going to have swear words. I know there are plenty of great words that could be used, but there’s nothing quite like a visceral “fuck” to really ground one’s self. So yes, I swear, and yes, this post will have them, as it is a rant. I apologize in advance for any offense this may cause.

One of the reasons I started this blog was so that I could have a space that I could regulate what is seen, feel safe to speak exactly how I feel, what’s on my mind and how I want to express it. That outlet used to be Facebook, however, their community standards have exceeded my tolerance. I want the freedom of calling someone a shit stain, or a cunt, or whatever string of words comes out, because anger is an emotion of passion and should be free to be expressed. As I am a person who takes accountability for what I say and do, I can guarantee anything that I say here, or anywhere, I would say directly to the person or people in question. It is up to them as to what they do with the information.

So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, may I just say how amazingly petty and small people can be. While I understand they are this way because they refuse to acknowledge they are shitty and petty, refuse to acknowledge their behaviours are shitty, and have zero interest in improving their own personal stations, that, in no way, should ever mean that I am under any obligation to put up with the immature, petty nonsense they create. Their puerile behaviour and lack of realizing their lives are shit because of themselves is not my problem.

On Facebook, I block with impunity. I block people I have never spoken with because of their expressing shitty opinions. I fully believe that I am in control of my experience on that site, and that means I control what I see and what of me others see. Otherwise, I am social mediaing without a condom. Blocking clears the soul and keeps me sane and not hating every fucking person on the planet. I consider the block option a button that alows me to jettison shitlords into space, to never return. I love the visuals, it makes me feel better, and it’s one less piece of shit I need to deal with. The world is already full of shitty people we have to deal with. I don’t feel my personal time should be wasted on them.

In a group, there have been a insignificant amount of small minded, shitty people who don’t want to do anything other than make other people’s lives as miserable as theirs. Call them out on their inability to control their lives, and they clutch their tender strings of pearls and gasp as if I have the audacity to tell them to grow the fuck up. I do though, because if you are going to insist I have to tolerate your stupid, shitty behavior, I have the right to tell you to fuck off. Then, I block you and never think about you again, because, fuck that shit. That’s how that works.

In this group, I have been posting posts asking how people are doing and to talk about it. The holidays are often shitty times for a lot of people. They have to deal with toxic people in their families, they have to do things they don’t want to do to make other people, usually those toxic ones, happy, and after all the “frivolity and joy” of the holidays are over, there is usually this overwhelming darkness of the soul and no where to put it. So I post to let people have a place to put it. I did one of these posts today.

In this group, I have blocked the biggest shitlords, pissladies, and assholes because I will always control my experience on social media for the positive, unless I am feeling some vitriol, which can happen. I have blocked these people because first off, they don’t deserve access to me, and second, they have shown, numerous times, their intentions are to do everything in their power to make my life as miserable as theirs because they have nothing better to do, don’t want to to improve their own lives, and fuck that. They contribute absolutely nothing positive in my life and I have no reason to tolerate their gross existence in my world. My purpose in life is not to just sit and let people shit all over me. If that hurts their feelings, I don’t care. Their needs are not my concern. If someone has negatively contributed to my life, they get blocked. I make sure it’s no mystery that I think they deserve a dirt nap when they have actively attempted to hurt me. Again, fuck that. Get a life and learn to make yours better. Focus on the most important person in your life. You. Leave me the fuck alone.

Today, apparently, I am being targeted because I actualy give a shit about some people and don’t give a shit about fuckers who don’t deserve care and compassion due to their shitty behaviors. Because I have actively told a number of them to go fuck themselves sideways as they leave. God forbid they actually had the internal reflection to think, “hey, maybe if hadn’t been such a huge fucking cockwomble, this situation would have included me!” But, again, self reflection doesn’t happen because they would have to be reminded they are a shit person, and since admission is the first step on the road to recovery, best not start the journey, eh?

I find the hypocrisy laughable here. They are upset that I am expressing care, but not for people who have shown their only intentions are to see how much shit they can fling at me, like the shitgibbons they are. Would they express care for anyone doing that to them? Of course not. Also, have they posted any posts expressing concern and the right to express that? Fuck no! That requires a level of empathy and compassion they gave up when they dipped their hands in the poopile. But God forbid I do something to help others and exclude people who have shown their only ambition is to hurt as many people as they possibly can before they die and aren’t dying quick enough.

As I end this, I have lit my spirit candle and applied the proper purifying oils. These people are only significant for small, momentary blips. They are an irritating flea on the behind of a goddess, sooner scratched and pinched dead than taken any more seriously. The irrelevant have no place in the grand schemes of life. My rage is subdued and I couldn’t give a single more fuck at this point. My life has far more meaning and relevancy than the thoughts of petty shitburds.

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