Of plans and productivity

The time between Christmas and New Year’s is always an ambiguous time. You are preparing to start the new year with new ambitions and goals, while reconciling the past year with what you want in the coming future. It’s a time of questioning, making attempts to establish ideas, and looking forward to what can be and how to get there.

My boss has offered me the position of closing manager. I’m glad for this, even though I hate closing. It’s more money, but not more hours, which has it’s good and bad points. I have time to explore options, but it will still be unsustainable without either more hours or more pay. However, it is a good place to start out the year. It’s a positive jumping point, so I’ll take it.

I did write out plans and goals for the coming year. A lot of it directly relies on me holding myself accountable and fulfilling the tasks I have created. I’m not going to lie. It will be a lot of work. It will be a lot of creative energy being expended. And it will rely on creating a schedule and sticking to it. I work 4 hours a day, on average, the commute is 1 hour round trip. If I work as the closing manager, that will mean my mornings will be more productive which is good because I tend to be most productive in the mornings.

I do have a small goal for this week. Space cleaning. I started it a while back, but have fallen into old, bad habits that have resulted in clutter. So I made a deal with myself to take at least 15 minutes a day of my free time to clean and remove the clutter. It’s a start, at least, and it keeps me from feeling like I’m letting time go to waste. I know that I don’t have to be productive 100 percent of the time I’m awake and conscious, but I feel like I’ve somehow failed if I’m not. So, on top of work, the 15 minutes of cleanup will help me feel more secure in doing what I need to in the coming new year.

To be truthful, though, I love this time of year where there seems to be a holding pattern, but the end of it means you have a whole world of opportunities just waiting for you. That everything is suddenly possible and all you have to do is decide what to do.

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