Thank You, Universe!

Near the middle of January, I went on a witchcraft spree. I reset my altar (A bit late for the new year, but you do what you can when you can), creates some personal spell jars and did some intention setting.

At that time, things were looking pretty grim financially. They still are, but, I do feel I have a bit more of a handle on things at the moment. I’m aware that could change at any time though. It’s rather precarious right now.

During this time, I also created a money spray. Now, as I’ve said, I’m rather skeptical about magic and spells, but I’m all about intention, and if I can do something that gets my mind focusing on how to get from Point A to Point B, I’m going to do it. I’m also a big believer in the concept that if you ask the Universe, it will happen. It doesn’t always (usually, actually) happen the way you expect, but things do happen. You do have to be very open to the Universe’s interpretation and gifting, otherwise, you might miss it.

In this case, I have seen a lot of the Universe telling me its heard me.

I had decided to do my taxes to see how badly I was going to have to owe this last year. I had taken on an independent contracting gig, much against my better judgement, but, it kept me home during the snowy, icy months and that was more of a priority than other options. So it was begrudgingly done to see how much more in the hole I could consider myself and then start looking at options. To my surprise, I not only didn’t owe, but was getting a refund! Thank you Universe!

I have been trying to get some things in order with my deck and home. One of the things I have been looking at is a shed for my tools and things that are currently messily occupying a firewood corral. Not optimal, to say the least and exposed to the elements. But a shed is an expense I don’t think I can afford right now, or even when I started looking at them. This week, I learned I won a shed from my work! It’s nearly exactly what I had been looking at! It should be perfect for the space I was planning to use as well! Thank you Universe!

Now if I can get a second part time job working remote that will help boost my income, that would be fantastic! Of course, I’m aware, I need to do the footwork myself on that, and I have been. Not as dedicatedly as I should, but now that the weather is improving and spring is coming, I can concentrate more on this avenue than before. So now I will be looking for potential teaching opportunities in small shops to teach some of my arts and crafts, looking for something part-time that I can do at home and other options. Once again, I’ll start my search off with a bit of the money spray, some intention setting at the altar, then getting to work to help the Universe help me!

I try to make a point to recognize when the Universe has been working for me and take a moment to be grateful. It’s important to recognize your own work towards your intentions, but sometimes the Universe just drops you a gift without any other action, simply because you dared to ask! Recognize that as well and be grateful. It was a gift. Thanks are in order. Then, be sure to appreciate the goodness that comes your way, focus on that, and ignore the hardship and negatives. The more goodness you bring to your own life, the more it grows!

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