What I do

I have been a busy person these days. I have been trying to get myself motivated and back into creating daily. The cold of winter has been discouraging, as also the lack of funds, but I’m working through it all as best as possible.

I’m really proud of how my herb collection is growing. I have to get more jars, but I now feel prepared to start making spell jars. While I don’t believe in magic, I do believe in focuses and intentions. I feel spell jars will be the perfect vehicle for this. I also intend to add these to my two etsy accounts to sell. I’ll start working on them today, I think.

I’m also going to do some more work on my terrarium. It has been slow going because the soil took forcer to set and dry, but now it has and looks amazing! Today I’ll add the stone and the flowers that accompany the stone. Once those have set in place, I’ll add the real moss I harvested. Once that is complete and in place, I’ll start the final preparation work, the decorations! This was a real spur of the moment project, but I’ll be excited when it is complete. As with all my art projects, it will go up for sale, but I will probably put a higher price tag on it because it will be something I wouldn’t really want to let go of.

The spoon wands are completely thwarting me. I realized once I got the twine in place, I should have inserted wire underneathe to put the stones that I wanted to add. Now, I’ll have to consider an alternative for the two that I have, and move forward with those. I hate projects that go wrong because it means I’m going to sit on them until I muster the courage to actually just finish them besides the failures. Once these two are done, I’ll go and create others with the wire as I had planned. I wish my brain did not get so hung up on what doesn’t work and focus on what will.

My glass work is all on hold. It hasn’t been a good temperature to consider cutting, let alone firing. Glass cuts poorly when cold, becoming more ridgid and stiff, due to the liquid it is. Heating it and letting it cool can cause fractures and breaks if it is too cold, called thermal shock. I usually have the kiln down and the glasswork on hold till it is at least in the 60’s (high teens – low 20’s C) as there is less chance of breakage. I have garden stakes to finish, which means cutting by tile saw, refiring to smooth edges and adding a copper stake to the back. I also have a replacement dish to make for a friend that the post office kindly decimated in transit for me. :/

I also have pendants to wire wrap and various other items to make. I feel so behind, but at the same time, I have also overwhelmed myself with projects to do. I love being creative. I just wish my brain would go at a pace I’m capable of working at. Lol!

Creating is my therapy. I don’t think I would want it any other way.

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