New beginnings

My rest time is almost over. I have been working at my job, but I mean my internal work. I gave myself until Monday to get things going.

Today, after work, I will start scheduling my weeks based off my goals and plans I wrote down at the start of Dec. To give myself a focus and a purpose for every month, based on what I need.

The first major goal will be finances and getting more income. I have numerous ways to do this, but it takes scheduling them in around work. It also means not letting myself slump into the need to just do nothing when I get home. Or finding a way to mesh the two together. I will be undergoing more life coach training, writing and sending out proposals for light work I can do from home. I need to do all this, so it isn’t optional anymore. I also need to impress upon my brain that my body is going to hurt and I am going to be tired, but it is not the worst it has gone through.

I’m actually looking forward to this. I’m only hoping that I don’t get in my own way. It is easy for me to do, but I have a lot of things going on and I need to do them.

I also still have cleaning, yard work and various other things that are essential as well that I need to remember to schedule in.

Traditionally, this time was for mending, planning the new year, fixing home items and making new ones so that when spring came, all would be prepared. I’m working on all that!

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