Intention setting day!

Today started out with intention setting, carving runes into candles, lighting them from the Spirit candle, and meditating on how I want the intentions to be invoked during this year. It was a great way to start out my day, putting me in the right direction and mind set for moving forward.

Then it was off to the kitchen to start the New Intentions Day feast! Since it was just myself, I put my thoughts and energy as I prepared the soup. I used a mulitbean mix, with lentils and various other legumes for luck and wealth, included spinach, pork in the form of bacon, rosemary, oregano, garlic, onions, and a single bay leaf inscribed with runes to imbue the stew, set to cook all day till all the flavors blended together!

I also made a spinach and mascarpone cheese topping and put on a piece of garlic nan bread, with olives and cheddar cheese, then toasted till crisp!

I feel full, satisfied and full of hope and energy for the coming days! I am even going to indulge in a chocolate cream pie to savor the richness of what life has to bring!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Day!

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