The Universe is on My Side

So I’ve been up in my goals, manifestation, and intentions since I wrote my post regarding manifestation. I need something to motivate me, something to work towards, something to feel a purpose with.

One of the things that really bummed me out was having to let go of my website because I couldn’t afford it. It wasn’t bringing in any money – like none, as in zero sales from day 1 – and it was costing me the equivalent of 2 hours of work to upkeep a month. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, I was looking at being belly up in just a handful of months, and that is not a good thing for my mental health. I wish finances and my mental health weren’t intrinsically linked, but they are. I know I will do whatever it takes to make sure everything is taken care of and that nothing is without, and that money always comes and goes like the ocean, but it still doesn’t feel at all good to have such a depleted bank account, and it does cause me depression and anxiety.

On the flipside, I often felt pressured to create things to sell, even though nothing was selling, and that didn’t help either. I enjoy creating for the joy of making things, not for the financial aspects. I needed to get back to the idea that the point of creating is for the joy of doing it and that selling the items is because the joy has been received and it’s time to let them go to a new home to be further enjoyed. This is how I have always worked on things and how I have always created. Getting back to that has meaning and value for me.

Also, while an excuse, things were changing around the house. My two kids moved in within two weeks of each other, which was ironic since they both moved out within two weeks of each other. That meant I lost my creating spaces. My craft room ended up becoming my son’s room, so now my crafting stuff is spread all around the house, which doesn’t help either at inspiring creating, though it did increase my crocheting, as that was the only supplies I could fully find. I’ve been slowly rearranging, and now that the garden season is no its way, I will have more space because my one dedicated table will be clear of gardening things. I am just going to switch one obsession with another. It’s fine.

So I’ve been reactivating my life coach teaching, my manifestation training, and my goal accomplishment training. When lockdown started, I decided that while I was working at home, I would spend the time in the background listening to all these courses on all the things I have been interested in. I had found a great deal on a monthly subscription that eventually became a lifetime one-time fee that I paid. I wish i had actual cell service at work and that it wasn’t sucked up by every single person and machine in the factory because I would be continuing that education while working. Instead, I found some podcasts to listen to and give me the inspiration and motivation to get back on track. Now that I am no longer nihilistic and perpetually grumpy, I feel like I’m in a better space to do the work.

So, some of the things that I have learned from the podcasts that I have been listening to have helped quite a bit in how to manifest. I know the urge is to manifest the hugest thing possible, but I think my brain has a hard time even getting anywhere close to envisioning something huge. Like, currently, I can visualize what I want to do to my yard, which has been a *huge* and extremely overwhelming project because it is such an expansive space that has been overrun by invasive and native plants. But I started by taking two areas that were the biggest issues and had them worked on last year. So this year, those two spaces still need to be worked on, but I have added two new spaces that I will start to work on this coming weekend, provided it isn’t raining. Next year, I’ll add in another space or two, and the upkeep of the ones I started previously will need less care, having been focused on this year and last. I took the “One Bite at a Time” method with my yard, because if I hadn’t, I would still be massively overwhelmed and gotten nowhere.

So I am going to start the same process with my manifestations. Of course, I’m also going to be doing the work towards them too, not just the manifesting, because nothing happens without action and intention. They both go hand in hand.

One of the best things that I heard in the podcasts is something that I know, but really never process, so it was good to hear again. The Universe is on your side. It wants you to get what you want and succeed at what you do. A lot of my struggles are fighting what I can’t do because of whatever. I forget that I have the biggest doer of things on my side. I also forget that if I need help, I need to ask, even if it is asking the Universe for it. So this morning, during my altar lighting I do every day that I know someone is home, I changed up my usual process of banishing the darkness with the light and lighting the way for positive experiences and removing the negative, I instead made a little moment of thinking of the light opening the doors and windows of my life to let the Universe in to do its work in my life, provide me help and what I need with open acceptance, even if those experiences are negative.

I need to sit down with myself and take a deep dive into what I want. I am going to start with small achievable goals to begin with. Things that I can manage that I’m positive the Universe can answer. I am considering having a Manifest Along thing so that anyone who wants to manifest can do it with me and we can keep everyone inspired and motivated through the process. But for the most part, I need to set up the things I want to manifest and then the steps to getting there.

I’m excited and motivated to start a new process. To open my heart and mind to the possibilities of the Universe and its gifts. It is one of the biggest positive things happening to me which just encourages my excitement and eagerness to do it!

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