I started a tarot reading business last July. I love reading cards. Always have. I’m an intuitive reader and have found that I am very accurate while being compassionate in my readings. It seemed like a good way to create a little but of a cash flow, doing something I really enjoy.

I started a blog, an IG account, an FB page, took a refresher course to become intuitive certified under the SAGE method, which was partially how I had learned to be an intuitive back in my teens. I also had my life coach training and certification under me as well. Set up an Etsy with various readings at various prices, and a Patreon.

After 6 months of doing daily posts, free readings, and other assorted things, I got nothing. Not a single reading was requested for charge. Despite what numerous groups for tarot readers I had joined that said advertising spaces were everywhere, I couldn’t find a single one, so had no place to get my name out there online. It was fun doing the daily posts and creating content, but disappointing and discouraging, to say the least.

Then, the whole world kind of changed for a while at the change of the new year. It felt like there was going to be an odd shift in views, particularly freedom of religion and the arts related to those religions. So, I pulled back and quieted everything. I waited to see what was going to happen and decide from there.

It is on my agenda to take a close look at it, decide if I want to start up again, and of so, what do I want to do with it. I hate to let it go because it is something I do enjoy that allows me to help others. I have an unclear mobius idea of what I’d like to do at this time, but nothing concrete or clear, aside from reading cards. I’d like to maybe offer meditations, workbooks, maybe a podcast around tarot, and perhaps videos. They say that the videos are what brings people in, but I am very camera shy. I’m getting used to it due to this temp job I have though so that may be in the works. I also want to include my witch and magic oriented items that I was planning to just put on my art etsy, but would be just as welcome and at home with the tarot cards. So there are ideas.

But the reality was that I hadn’t thought too strongly on it because while my IG has a good number of followers, my FB had like 12. Until this last month.

FB has been promoting my inactive FB page. It went from 12 to almost 90 followers. Nothing has been posted to it since last year, so I’m super confused as to why. My friend believes it is FB’s way to get me to be active again and buy ads. Which may be true, but they would already know from my art page and the “see my adorable kitty!” page, that’s not likely.

However, it has gotten me to think again about doing readings and reviving the page and business. I just don’t know if it will be worth the work if it doesn’t create the funds. While I’d love to do it for free, I haven’t had solid work for over a year and a working income is what I really need.

I’m just worried about being disappointed again….

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