Subconscious regurgitation

I have an in person job interview on Wed. It’s for a job I was fairly certain I had completely blown the initial interview on. However, given they only pay once a month, it is fairly safe to say, I might actually be the only applicant to survive the first round. It’s a position within my county, so it isn’t a scammy kind of situation, just a really poor pay period. I can take the job and still be fine financially.

My brain, however, decided to take a mome t during REM to remind me of a previous office job that was super toxic. I get my brain’s desire to be helpful, prepare me for what may happen and remind me that I’m strong enough to handle situations, but I really didn’t ask for it. Given the way the brain makes associations and conveys them back in abstract ways, I’m sure it felt putting me right back into that old job and making it far worse was its way of telling me, “Relax. You’ve dealt with all this! You’ve got this!”

Problem was…I haven’t been anxious about it at all. Lol

The brain loves to be the eager helper, but often times, it just makes things a lot more complicated. Since it really only has the subconscious to fully speak and be heard through, it is terrible at messages. It can only speak using past events that created emotional reactions, without contemplating how those reactions will affect the wake mind.

Luckily, I’m aware the brain is a horrible communicator and can disregard the emotional message and interpret it in a different light. I was also fortunate that afterwards, it gave me another dream that was humorous, entertaining, and positive.

I follow the belief that dreams are manufactured as garbage in/garbage out products. This helps me not take dreams seriously and also find the actual reason for the dream and what the brain is trying to get across. I’m glad for that, otherwise, I would be anxious about this interview now.

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