Empty rooms

I had a dream last night that played upon a long running theme that my dreams have taken for at least the last 30 years. Last night’s was just a bit different though.

I have very few themes or things that run through my dreams to the point where, in my dream, I can remember them. For all the oddities of my subconscious, creating original dreams seems to be something it enjoys. It doesn’t replay memories, it doesn’t repeat people, it really doesn’t redo anything, so when it does, it’s fairly noticeable. (It also tends to never pick a topic, idea or subject I’d actually enjoy to dream about, so my brain is also into denial of enjoyment, so, take it as you will.)

The one theme that stands out is the dream where the house I own has rooms and areas that I have never seen or been in before, or have intentionally never occupied, for whatever reason. It is usually the former more than the latter, the huge space being discovered by accident. It is usually fully furnished, but the furniture is covered with cloth to protect it from the vast layers of dust from lack of exposure. I also usually wake up shortly after the discovery of these spaces.

The other option is that there is a huge section of the house that I’m fully aware of, but I absolutely refuse to furnish, repair, or even leave open to access to anyone who may want to. These spaces are usually all white, falling apart and in desperate need of renovation and repair. They are usually on the 3rd floor and go up another 2 stories, but given their state, it is never wise to explore.

Last night’s dream decided to utilize the rarer option of a completely ignored space. It was in the front of the house this time, but on the second floor. It was literally falling apart, wood in shambles, floors almost gone. But I knew it was there and just refused to acknowledge my obligation to take care of it.

Of course, my blood pressure medication tried to make it a nightmare reason as to why I had avoided it. Someone died there was what it was inferring and was haunted, but my dream self laughed that off and replaced it with it not an effective space for the heating and to do anything with it would cause problems with the electricity, which, after this winter, this aspect showing up in my dream was far more realistic. Even my subconscious realized that expensive electric bills are causing me far more stress and horror than the idea of some ghost haunting a space.

Eventually, in my dream, I was required to attend an antiquidated council meeting where we were all dressed in renaissance period clothing, drinking and eating like in an old feasting hall. It was decided that my house needed to have the appropriate repairs done to it due to my rank, which seemed to be pretty high within the council, and that the money to do so would have to be raised somehow. I accepted this as a part of my duty, and as I left the meeting, I went to an outdoor market where they were selling all kinds of items. I knew I couldn’t afford anything, but really wantee to buy an hand tailored fur lined cloak, even though I didn’t need one.

I have no idea why this dream has stuck with me all day long. There really wasn’t anything remarkable about it except the repetition of a rare theme. I consider the majority of my dreams as garbage in, garbage out, and doubt there is anything truly meaningful in the dream, other thsn maybe it telling my my own stubbornness and unwillingness to change is creating a bit of stagnation andneventually, I’ll be forced to do something about it, but that’s not really news. That’s well covered territory in my brain.

Either way, a lot of people find my dreams entertaining and since this one refused to fade into obscurity, I thought I would share it. Hope it was entertaining to you all!

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