*looks around*

Does anyone blog just to blog these days?

As I look around the blogscape, I see so many blogs that are like 3 paragraphs long, all saying the same things, (“here’s 3 ways to make your blog better!”, “here’s three steps to start the day right!”, “here’s three things to avoid eating daily!”) then, a link to some affiliate website or a online shop.

Is this what blogging has become? Cheap and easy content everyone has already posted into infinity? I kind of feel like a dinosaur posting about random things that enter my brain, like this post. That somehow, revealing that there is a human here, writing actual content, is so gauche. So early 2000’s.

I do have an online shop. A couple actually. I have links here on my blog to both of them. I also have a link to my personal wishlist on amazon. But that’s all I’ll do to advertise here. (Well, with the exception of this post. Sorry.) I have other venues that are appropriate for vending. This blog is just for me to put my brain drain somewhere and appease its neediness for attention.

It feels weird to see all these blogs with no personal content. It all seems so sterile. A bit like walking through the commerce tent at the county fair. All people shilling things, but no actual personable transactions. It feels like people are too interested in earning a buck than providing a part of themselves in the process. Does that work? Is it working? I’m actually curious. Given the number of blogs that are in existence just to get click through or passive income, it would seem like it is far too saturated to be viable. Maybe I’m wrong.

I don’t mind life hacks and how to’s. I don’t mind recipe blogs and such. It just is weird to see so many that all have the same 20 articles. How does one avoid plagiarism? Or is it open content? Or like those clipart sites where you pay per piece?

Maybe I’m just yearning for real connections with people who are real, authentic and willing to be who they are, unashamed, unabashedly, and completely open with their messiness. I get that a large majority, myself included, pay for this space to speak and the desire for compensation for the expense is desired, but, doesn’t it make sense to provide original, entertaining or thoughtful content, even if it is time consuming to create?

At any rate, this blog is for me and whoever wants to read it. I hope this blog provides humor, entertainment, and perhaps some direction, thought provoking material and the desire to come back, read again, and maybe connect with me on some level. (Please no scammy Nigerian princes or inheritors. I’m good.) If I provide any of that, I will have done my universal part at not adding to the clickbait blogs and providing a modicum of material.

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