The first snow

Winter has hit the mountain pretty hard already this year. It’s been a cold start. The cottage isn’t air tight and can be difficult to keep warm. I’ve been trying to figure out where the cold comes in from, but each year, it becomes a task of fruitiness. Could be the cinderblock walls of the basement. Could be the well being too close to those cinderblocks. Could be the need for new windows. Could be the need of a whole new heating system. Could just be an issue that isn’t fixable.

Space heaters and warm clothes serve the best in this situation with the central heater set only to prevent the pipes from freezing. This coming year carries the intentions of false walls in the basement and maybe new blinds for the skylights. The future holds the removal of the carpet in the livingroom where it is the coldest, and maybe copper pipe heating in the floor under hardwood. Or…maybe just a new heating system all together.

Today is the first snowstorm of the season. Last year, we had very little snow overall, so it’s exciting to know the potential for a foot or more of snow is coming. Having been born and raised in Southern California, snow is something I absolutely love. I love wrapping myself up in a warm blanket or robe and enjoying my cottage to the fullest.

Tomorrow, I’m supposed to work, but the snow is already at a level that tells me work isn’t happening. Tonight, it’s tacos. Tomorrow, it will be doing stone creative work and enjoying the unexpected free time.

I love the quiet of winter. That time of the year that says it’s okay to slow down, take joy in the diversions of the indoors and reflect on the year that was, and the year that is about to be.

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